Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lakewood Vineyards winemaker Chris Stamp to lead tonight's seminar!

If you've never been to Lakewood Vineyards tasting room, on beautiful Seneca lake, you don't kow what you're missing!  I went up to visit them a couple months ago, and was introduced to Liz Stamp, who co-owns the winery with her husband Chris.  She was kind enough to spend an hour or so with me, taking me through all of their current wines, and explaining about how they craft the wines and what makes Lakewood different fro many of the oher Finger Lakes wineries.  Boy what a difference!  Chris is the winemaker, and together, he and Liz experiment with growing different varietals and using unique methods to make really delicious wines.  I was very impressed with the results, to say the least.  Take for example their Niagara.  Most of us know this grape to produce cloying, almost sticky sweet white wines.  Many wine connoiseurs won't even touch a wine made from 100% Niagara.  Chris, however, has found a method of growing and producing Niagara into  beautifully fresh, fruit forward, refreshing wine that is perfect with food or just for summer sipping.  This is just one example of what this talented winemaker can create.
Tonight we have the priviledge of welcoming him to the store, where he will lead us through 6 of his best selling wines and talk about the winery.  If you  haven't made a reservation yet, it's nott o late - just call or email us and come join in the fun!  As always, our classes are free.  Cheers!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wine Seminar Tonight!! Fulkerson Winery

...Can't wait to welcome John Iszard from Fulkerson Winery tonight!  He is bringing some of the more unique varietals that Fulkerson produces and is going to walk us through  the history of the winery, why and how they chose to cultivate these grapes, what they taste like...and more!  Just a couple of the wines we'll be discussing is their Traminette, Dornfelder and Diamond.
If you haven't made a reservation yet - you can still all us up until 6pm and get a seat!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wine Class Tomorrow! - Greek Wines

I've been talking to Adam Brumberg from VOS Selections...he will be our speaker tomorrow night for the class on Greek wines.  I can't wait!  He's not only a really nice guy, but is very knowledgeable about wines and especially the Greek wines in his portfolio.  This is going to be so much fun!
Ever heard of Assyrtiko?  or Agiorgitiko?  Xinomavro? Moschofilero?  These are all names of varietals indigenous to Greece.  Who knew, right?  There are so many amazing wines - reds and whites- being made in Greece.  The whites are crisp and delicious, and the reds range from light and fruity to big and dry.... and they all pair perfectly with a range of foods! 
Picture yourself on the Mediterranean, basking in the sun, looking out over the deep dark blue waters and snacking on seafood.... are you there?  Okay - all you need is one of these delicious wines to complete the fantasy!  If you haven't made a reservation for the class, you can still learn a little about Greek wines from VOS Selections.  Watch this cool video at http://www.youtube.com/user/VOSWINEVIDEOS, or go to http://www.allaboutgreekwine.com/varieties.htm

Monday, May 23, 2011

Gearing Up for Our Summer Seminar Series!

If you haven't heard yet, we are planning a series of seminars featuring local Finger Lakes winemakers.  Each week beginning June 22nd, and continuing through July and August, you can attend a FREE class and taste wines with the winemaker!  This is a unique opportunity to learn how each wine is made, from the vineyards to the grape selection, to production methods and more!  Since seating is limited, so reservations are required.   The seminar series begins on June 22nd with John Iszard from Fulkerson Winery.  http://www.fulkersonwinery.com/  Check out our website for a complete calendar of events.  If you have questions or would like to make a reservation,  call, email or like us on FB.   Cheers!